#5 - Data & Culture (Eng)


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This is our first episode in English.
For this episode, I had a conversation with Aidan Millar, EVP Group Digital Insights and Chief Data and Analytics Officer at DNB, about Data & Culture.
We follow the theme of culture across three different levels:
1. How to do data in different countries with different cultures? How does my guest perceive the Norwegian culture?

2. How to view organizational culture and different tribes inside an organization?

3. How do the different cultures in the field of data, from Data Management to Data Science and Analytics reflect on the organization and the value creation?

During the talk we also touch on these topics:
What is the role of CDO?

How to organize for generating value from Data and market that value proposition inside an organization?
Our three lessons learnt are:

1. Recognize and acknowledge that culture underpins any transformation journey.

2. Start at the top! Executive level has to drive the transformation and become data literate.

3. Get together different experts from both business and data to solve a business problem together. And always start with a clearly defined business problem.

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