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We kick things off talking about the Hulk Hogan vehicle, No Holds Barred. Make sure to come back later this week for a bonus watch-along episode of Santa with Muscles. Witch Taint / Valley Lodge frontman, comedian and man about town, Dave Hill, returns to the Livecast tonight as our special guest to wrap up the year. We talk about Danzig wrapping Christmas presents, Nergal's yoga, ordering Domino's, Christmas talk, Guy Fieri and going for hikes.

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We are bringing back an old favorite with a twist, the music break – now as a Spotify playlist to listen to whenever you want. Make sure to follow the playlist. This week's tracks are:
Slipknot – The Shape
Znöwhite – Something for Nothing
Dr. Octogon – Earth People
The Highwaymen – American Remains

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