Microsoft Teams Phone — How to Set It Up


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We're going to teach you how to use PSTN telephony options with Microsoft Teams Phone. Teams ties together all of the different communications modalities, so you can easily move from one modality to the next. Shift from a text-based chat to a one-on-one voice call. And just like with a video conference, you can easily add people to it to make it a group call.

Beyond pure voice calling, there are rich PSTN telephony capabilities that are available inside of Teams, and we've made it a lot easier to bring any endpoint, including your physical desktop phone to Microsoft Teams, or use the built-in calling functionality that's inside of Teams itself. Scott Van Vliet, Microsoft CVP, joins Jeremy Chapman to show you the latest capabilities and how to set it up.

Operator Connect helps you bring over your existing phone numbers directly from your telephone service operator of choice into Microsoft Teams. Receive calls from and make calls to normal telephone numbers anywhere, on any device. Seamlessly transfer calls from your laptop to your mobile device, without having to hang up and redial. Turn on live captions with real-time speech-to-text AI conversion if you're in a noisy environment.


00:00 - Introduction 02:47 - User experience and capabilities 05:42 - How to set it up 06:41 - Match people and services to real telephone numbers 08:41 - Day-to-day management experience 09:35 - Direct routing 10:06 - Wrap up

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