MTA 040 - From France to Melbourne, with a dose of West Africa! Meet Grace Amah


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With French, Beninese and Togolese (West Africa) heritage, Gracieuse Amah (Grace) is an Arts Manager, French Intellectual Property Lawyer, Community dancer and Choreographer. Passionate dancer of African dances since the early age of 8, she completed two years of contemporary dance as a major in high school and then spent daily hours to refine her craft in African dances. Brought up in a household of musicians and dancers, she has been immersed from a young age to African dances and their culture. KWABO CONNECT FLASHMOB 3 happening the 12th September 2020 at 11:30am, is a fun online flashmob promoting African modern dances, wellbeing and togertherness. The third edition will also celebrate Grace's birthday. The event includes free dance classes, dance tutorial and a video compilation with participants' individual videos. REGISTRATIONS

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