Centerstone's Deshpande: 'Value is actually working,' but growth stocks are iffy


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Abhay Deshpande, founder and chief executive officer at Centerstone Investors, says that tech and growth-oriented investors could see some trouble ahead, as growth rates slow from Covid-era comparisons, leading to a potentially significant correction next spring. Value investors -- and Deshpande is one -- should see their methods continue to pay off because they don't rely on continuing multiple expansion to drive their profits. Also on the show, Gaal Surugeon, portfolio manager at Brookfield Asset Management's Public Securities Group, discusses real assets and their potential with the passage of the new infrastructure bill, Tom Lydon of makes a brand-new ESG fund his ETF of the Week, and author Maura Thomas offers tips for improving the organization and eliminating the clutter of your email inbox.

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