ICON's Callahan: Despite record markets, stocks haven't reached fair value yet


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Craig Callahan, chief executive officer at ICON Advisers, says that while the stock market has returned to record levels, he's not seeing the overpricing that is typical or a market peaking. Instead, stocks have further to run to reach fair value; he does see this bull run acting differently right now, with 'much more straight up -- and less down days -- than a typical bull market.' Callahan says that he expects the rally to continue until interest rates start to rise, which could squeeze valuations. Also on today's show, Brian Dress, director of research for Left Brain Investment Research, discusses Roku -- the firm's stock of the year in 2020 -- which has been working through some near-term troubles that have created a buying opportunity rather than a reason to bail out, and David Harden, chief investment officer at Summit Global Investments, talks low-volatility and factor investing, a love-hate relationship with Morningstar ratings and more in a wide-ranging Market Call.

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