LPL's Detrick: 'This is a young bull market ... with a lot of time left'


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Ryan Detrick, chief market strategist for LPL Financial, says that the current bull market -- coming on the heels of a short, steep recession/bear market at the beginning of the pandemic -- is in its early stages and will roll into 2022 and beyond. He notes that for as long as economic growth and earnings stay strong, buoyed by monetary and fiscal policy tailwinds, 'there's still some time, we think, for this bull market to have some tricks up its sleeves and keep on rolling.' In another Big Interview on today's show, George Milling-Stanley, chief gold strategist at State Street Global Advisors, says that gold has not been a great inflation hedge at a time when investors are worried about the transitory nature of rising prices in large measure because the market doesn't expect inflation to last and has priced that into the metal. That said, Milling-Stanley still made a strong case for the role gold can play in a portfolio now, noting that he thinks this is a time to be loading up. And Tom Lydon, chief executive officer at makes a clean-energy index fund his ETF of the Week in light of the recent global summit on climate change.

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