Sierra's Wright: Trouble seems likely, use stops to protect gains


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David Wright, lead portfolio manager at Sierra Investment Management, says that the market is currently so overvalued that it has a lot more downside room to run than upside. While Wright remains fully invested right now -- and isn't calling for a major reversal in the immediate future -- he cautioned that investors should be looking to protect gains from heightened market volatility ahead by using stop-loss orders on their biggest and most risky positions. Also on the show, Leo Leydon of Financial Focus Advisory Services says that he thinks the market is due for a technical pullback -- possibly before the holidays -- before it can go off on another run, while Greg McBridge of discusses the site's recent survey showing that a majority of American workers feel like they are behind when it comes to retirement savings. In the Market Call, Mark Lehmann, chief executive officer at JMP Securities talks about fast-growth companies in the technology, health care, real estate and financial-services sectors.

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