#435: "Plans" by Rend Collective


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When God created the universe, He did not wind it up like a watch and cast it aside until time ran out. Instead, God has been working and continues to work. God has plans. Rend Collective sings of God's continued participation in their song "Plans."

We'll explore evidence of God's plans for some key people in history. Without God's plans for these critical people coming to pass, His eternal plans for us would never be fulfilled. Come! Let's explore God's plans together.

In this week's episode, I discuss:

  • Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture - this week's Bible Interaction Tool Exercises include:
    • Share with a friend
    • Read the text aloud
    • Read for a set amount of time
    • Read and keep on reading
    • Read with a pen/highlighter in hand
    • Ask questions
    • Write in a journal
    • Make a list
  • How Rend Collective said this song reflects "the grey space between faith and fear" - CCM Magazine Article
  • My morning Bible routine with my daughter, who is homeschooling this year (I share all the BITEs we use and how we use them)
  • Looking at the song through the lens of Scripture versus finding Scripture as inspired by the song
  • Considering the plans of God for:
    • Zechariah and Elizabeth
    • Mary and Joseph
    • John, the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth
    • and Jesus, the son of Mary
  • How God's plans for Zechariah and Elizabeth took time to come to pass - Luke 1:11-17
  • Pondering what it would be like for God's plans to include you raising the forerunner of Christ
  • God's plans for Mary - Luke 1:28-33
  • Mary's interpretation of God's plans for her - Luke 1:46-55
  • Considering how Mary will feel about God's plans when the reality sets in that they are both powerful and painful, hopeful and harrowing
  • Seeing that people surrendered to God's plans for them do not live pain-free lives
  • How a consecrated journey is woven into eternity in ways that cannot be measured

Mary believes God's plans for her are GREAT, but how will she feel when Joseph doesn't believe her, or she is an unwed mother in a culture that stoned such women to death? You see, God's plans for Mary were both powerful and painful -- hopeful and harrowing.

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Weekly Challenge

Ponder the plans of God in the area of Scripture you are currently exploring. Be brutally honest about the comforting nature of God's plans AND the unpleasant aspects of God's plans for us -- all while surrendering in trust to Him. If you aren't reading anywhere in particular at the moment, pick up Luke and read and keep on reading. Might you consider reading

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