Mormon Discussion: 353: Those Who Leave and the Stories We Tell


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Today I sit down and examine the systemic trait in Mormonism to label those who leave as broken, less than, bad, or deceived in some way. In Mormonism when a believer stops believing we creates stories about that person.
1.) They were lazy
2.) They lacked faith
3.) They wanted to Sin
4.) They were deceived by Satan
5.) They have petty reasons for leaving
6.) They were offended
7.) they lost the spirit

Mormonism as a system gives these explanations for why people leave. Symonds Ryder and his misspelled name, Thomas Marsh and those damn milk strippings, the Three Witnesses and their being offended or deceived. Yet what happens when we stop hijacking the story of another and allow them space to tell their own story? What is the cause and what is the effect? Why does your loved one show up in the world differently then they used to? This and more is today’s episode.

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