E091: This ONE THING will create daily confidence, productivity, stop the chaos, and organize your life!


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Just one? Really. Big changes come from baby steps. This is baby step 1 of planning your day. But HOW did I figure out how to plan my day in a way that works WITH my ADHD brain instead of against it? Step 1 is learning how to write events in our calendar. Our chaotic brains need ONE system. ONE plan. When we harness the power of the planner, it can change the course of your day. Your day starts off smoother and you are prepared for what is happening. But, we can't do planners the way everyone else does planners, as evidenced by the stack of partially used planners sitting on our shelves. We need a calendar system that works WITH our ADHD brains. When we first consider our time blindness, lack of task initiation skills, motivation to stick with the schedule, and the shame spiral of failed planners past, then - and only then - can we build a system that works for us instead of against us. If you're ready for some help on making a schedule for ADHD, I've figured out a way to make calendars work for ADHD brains and I want to share it with you. Friday is the last day to sign up for this round of How to Keep a Calendar for ADHD Brains, so head over to patriciasung.com/adhdcalendar now to jump in or sign up for the next round. Show notes: www.patriciasung.com/podcast/episode-091

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