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Each week, I talk to a different guest about the miniatures that have inspired them throughout their life. From the first toy soldier they ever picked up, to their most current projects, and plenty of amazing things in between. This podcast is intended to accompany you as you sit down to hobby yourself, and provide a glimpse into the histories of gamers and painters, new and old. My name is John and I've been running the hobby blog for almost a decade now, and I've met so many amazing painters and gamers, that I thought I'd try putting together a podcast where I can introduce you to these talented individuals and get into why they love the hobby, and what keeps them going. There's a page on the blog featuring more details on each guest, and I'll be running seasons of 10-12 episodes with short breaks between seasons. You can follow me on twitter at @Heresyheroes to keep up with the latest news about the show, and I encourage you to follow each of my guests too.

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