Ep 24: A Polite Conversation With Eiynah


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Last year I lost an entire 90 minute interview with Toronto-based blogger and activist Eiynah. Since then, I’ve bought a separate recorder to ensure I have at least two copies of each interview! Eiynah (@NiceMangos) is back and she talks to me about the first episode of her new podcast, Polite Conversations with Maryam Namazie. It was taken down from Youtube twice for no good reason. Rather Kafkaesque. We touch on how ex-Muslims and moderate Muslims are being silenced by the Western left and popular media. We talk about feminism, too! Polite Conversations Podcast: https://goo.gl/W7eAC6 CBC Interview: http://goo.gl/SYgMZf Twitter: @NiceMangos Blog: http://nicemangos.blogspot.ca/ Intro Music: ‘As Colorful as Ever’ by Broke For Free (http://goo.gl/mNAZpl) Outro Music: ‘Behind The Seas’ by Possimiste (http://goo.gl/J1IXh7)

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