#144 - Kate Trujillo | Interim Executive Director @ Honnold Foundation [ENGLISH]


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Kate Trujillo is the Interim Executive Director at the Honnold Foundation.

The Honnold Foundation was founded by pro climber Alex Honnold in 2012. Back then he was living in a van and donated 1/3 of his income to charities. The foundation is a result of him upscaling this hobby by hiring a team to distribute not only his money, but money from people and organisations from all over the world - including the listeners of this podcast.

HF focuses mainly on solar projects, like Fundación Kara Solar in Equador, which transforms how people move in the Amazon by designing and building solar-powered passenger canoes. Their team is committed to reducing reliance on diesel fuels and supporting indigenous guardianship of the rainforest. They co-create all of their projects with the communities they serve, and their work ensures local management of ecosystems in a socially, economically, energetically and environmentally sustainable way.

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