163 Thriving with PCOS: A Couple’s Approach


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In this episode you are going to meet an unusual and wonderful couple, Tallene and Sirak Hacatoryan. 10 years ago, at age 18, Tallene was diagnosed with PCOS. After being put on birth control and having her PCOS symptoms take over her life, she started focusing on diet & lifestyle to reverse her symptoms.. Scared and confused, without much information or guidance from her practitioner, and unsatisfied with the generally accepted belief that birth control is the only way to manage a PCOS diagnosis, Tallene began to focus on diet & lifestyle-based solutions. She studied nutrition science and discovered that eliminating gluten and dairy was a huge key for her to live healthier with PCOS. Together with her husband Sirak (a personal trainer), Tallene developed a podcast and programs meant to make living with the diagnosis easier to both understand and embrace. Join me for this informative and fun conversation during PCOS Awareness Month with Tallene and Sirak.

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