#83 - Pete Cameron | Product Line Manager @ Arc’teryx Footwear | Intro & outro w/Patrick Stangbye


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Pete Cameron is a Canadian shoe geek who works at Arc'teryx Footwear in Annecy, France. His title is Product Line Manager, which means he works with everyone designing and developing all of Arc'teryx' footwear.
Here are some of the topics we get into:

  • What makes a shoe iconic?
  • How does Arc'teryx prototype and user test a shoe?
  • What's it like at the factories? Do they collaborate with Salomon (since they're both owned by Amer Sport)?
  • Why are some shoes worse than the previous model?
  • Why Vibram soles?
  • How do you price a shoe?

Intro and outro with Patrick Stangbye. Skip to 12:20 to jump straight to the interview with Pete.
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