#91 - Paolo Marazzi | Ragni di Lecco and Arc'teryx climber/mountaineer | Intro with Tim Dunham [ENGLISH]


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Paolo is a bad ass Italian climber and mountaineer. I met him in Patagonia right before the coronavirus hit the continent and we both had to escape and make our way back to Europe. The interview was done in the reception of the Lo de Trivi hostel in Chaltén 12.03.2020.
Here are some of Paolo's achievements:

  • First descent north face of Tresero North, Italy, telemark, 50°/55°
  • First descent south face of Gran Zebrù, Italy, telemark, 50°/55°
  • First descent north couloir of Monte Scale, Italy, telemark, 50°
  • Part of first ascent team of Hidden Peak, Cinderella Ridge, 6C, 800M, Greenland
  • Part of first ascent team of L’apple du Vide, 6c, M4 400M, Cero Mangiafuoco, Patagonia
  • Part of first ascent team of Produci Consuma Crepa, 6C, A2, 900M, Cerro Mariposa, Patagonia"

Episode time stamps / chapters:

  • 00:00:00: Teaser
  • 00:01:08: Intro to the intro
  • 00:04:00: Intro with Tim Dunham
  • 00:32:50: Interview with Paolo starts

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