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A listener interaction episode with emails from Aaron Alfano, Matt Bump (IG mattbump), and Malcolm Myers (IG photovalve). Also, an announcement about Stephen Dowling's (IG kosmofoto , IG ) new Kosmo Foto film release! The film is called Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow and has the usual awesome packaging of Kosmo film and is a 400 speed B&W emulsion. Support it on the Kickstarter campaign here: . Next, we have an interview by Roxanna Angles (IG roxannalog IG golannaxor ) with Morgan Messner ( IG tiffen.sinclair ). Morgan talks about how she got into film photography, her go to cameras and film, why shoot film, favorite part of the process, home developing and experimenting with temperatures, double exposure film swaps, inspirations, her possible future podcast, an embarrassing film shooting story, and advice for new film photographers. Finally, we have a call in camera review from John-Michael Mendizza (IG jmmendizza , ) and a listener music track from Mark Welsford (IG mark_welsford ) with a song titled "What's Left Now".

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