Giulia Zampini on Researching Drug Taking


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Today I talked to Giulia Zampini about her research into drug taking, and particularly about the "People and Dancefloors" project. Based on a participatory action research methodology, People and Dancefloors involves knowledge co-creation with project partners and participants. Led by a team of researchers and impact experts, the project crosses the boundaries between research, film and activism. You can learn more on YouTube and in this article:

Zampini, G. F., Buck-Matthews, E., Killick, A., & Salter, L. (2021). "We, ourselves and us: Tensions of identity, intersubjectivity and positionality stemming from the people and dancefloors project." International Journal of Drug Policy, 103096.

Rachel Stuart is a sex work researcher whose primary interest is the lived experiences of sex workers.

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