Newsflash: You're a Software Company!


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The big question is: how can you fix and transform your organization’s most important foundation - your software - into an asset which allows you to become better every single day? Each department is at its best when it can smoothly, efficiently and productively operate and to do that, you need to pay attention to the lifeblood of your organization - your software. The custom software creation geniuses at ArchitectNow are presenting this podcast as a way to help leaders think more strategically about their software and to roadmap what needs to happen in order to be at the top of their game - no, this podcast is not going to scramble your brain by talking about "devops" or "API calls" - our goal on this show is to make you better by giving you the high-level insights that you need so that you can better make decisions that will not only be cost-effective but will help your team on intangible level as well as a technical one. Newsflash: You're a Software Company! is presented to you by ArchitectNow - visit them to learn more at

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