A candid conversation with one of college basketball's most recognizable names Bobby Hurley.


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In this episode Hawk catches up with Arizona St. Head Basketball Coach Bobby Hurley. The two were one time foes and now friends. Listen in as they go through Hurley's illustrious career.
Hurley talks about his high school career, his decision to go to Duke and the unexpected person that made that visit happen to the Durham campus when he made his decision that lured him away from Big East territory and settle in the land of the ACC.
He was coached in high school by his Hall Of Fame father and in college by another Hall Of Fame mentor in Coach K. You might be surprised to find out who his greatest influence is as it relates to his coaching style.
His NBA career and stint as an owner/trainer of thoroughbred race horses are also discussed. What's the difference between a horse you own winning a big race and a team you coach winning a big game? Does he have any regrets? It's all right here in a fun halftime talk between Coach Hawk and Hurley.
The tip-off takes on the topic of coaches and their sideline behavior.
The Buzzer Beater is all about the types of motivation coaches employ.

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