A candid conversation with the outspoken Doug Gottlieb.


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In this episode Hawk catches up with an old camper he used to coach when he was working basketball camps in Southern California. None other than the outspoken Doug Gottlieb joins Coach Hawk for an interesting conversation covering a wide variety of topics.
Gottlieb talks at length about growing up a coach's son and the influence that his dad had on him while helping him become a college superstar. The current radio and tv host also discusses what it's like coaching his own son's team and the challenges that come with it.
Gottlieb doesn't hold back when discussing his penchant for making people mad with his opinions. He also goes into detail on the art of waking up with an opinion every day and the pressure that accompanies his job description which requires him to be interesting.
Does he read his twitter comments? Does he remember the trouble he got into as a kid? What about his parents' reaction to his strong mindedness? Where was he when the Dodgers won the World Series in '88?
That and so much more are all discussed in this wide ranging discussion.
In the tipoff Coach Hawk answers a question about the lost arts of the game and what basketball term has turned into a four letter word.
The Buzzer Beater includes a must listen story and lesson about perceptions and reality.

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