2 Live Crew's "Mr. Mixx" joins Coach Hawk for a fascinating conversation.


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***Program note: Next week we will be off. The next episode will be November 22nd.
In this episode the co-founder of one of the most controversial bands of all time sits down with Coach Hawk to talk about his current projects as well as his days with the 2 Live Crew.
David Hobbs, you know him as Mr. Mixx, discusses how the band got its start on an Air Force base in Southern California and grew into one of the most talked about groups in the history of music. The 2 Live Crew was the first band to ever have the parental advisory label slapped on its album. Mixx talks about how the band found its trademark "Miami Base" sound.
Mixx and Hawk share laughs over the band's trials and tribulations on the way to becoming certified platinum artists. His journey required courage and leadership through some uncomfortable times and because of that the world of Rap and Hip Hop changed forever.
The tip-off question discusses the world of recruiting and just how detailed college coaches get about their research into a student-athlete and their families.
The buzzer beater gives you a motivational "feel good" to end the show.
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