Fran McCaffery : Serious Momentum via Motion in Iowa


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On episode 38 of Next Possession, Coach Hawk is joined by none other than Fran McCaffery, Head Coach of the 5th-Ranked(3/7/21) University of Iowa Hawkeyes.
Coach McCaffery and Hawk jump right into the deep end discussing some intricacies of Iowa's motion offense and the advantages it affords a team in today's college basketball. Fran explains how the motion offense benefits his squad by giving his players freedom and in-turn unpredictability.
Coach McCaffery talks about the players on his current team and how much he enjoys leading this special group of young men, including his own sons!
Hawk and Fran couldn't finish without talking about what have become reoccurring topics on Next Possession:
- Recruiting
- The true heroes of college hoops, the Wives of Coaches
This week's 'Tip-off Question' leads Coach Hawk to breakdown the way he structures off-season workouts for his players. He gives an intricate description of his reasoning and how NCAA limitations impact a College Athlete's off-season.
The 'Buzzer-Beater' focuses on the motion offense and how it can still be effective in 2021.

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