Gonzaga's Mark Few talks with Coach Hawk about recruiting, parental behavior, and fishing next to grizzly bears.


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In this episode Coach Hawk visits with one of the nation's best coaches, Gonzaga's Mark Few.
Few and Hawk discuss parental behavior and it's impact on recruiting. Staying on the topic of recruiting you will find out the recruit that Few lost that he most wanted.
Gonzaga has always scheduled tough. The Zags coach talks about why this was so important in building their program and how it has evolved.
Finally Few talks about fly fishing next to grizzly bears and why it's the perfect sport for coaches.
In the tipoff and buzzer beater, Coach Hawk (along with Few) settle an argument between a couple that discuss whether parental behavior has an impact on the college recruitment process.
Hint: As always, the wife wins.
Listen in to all the fun.

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