Randy Bennett : Two Decades of Basketball Excellence Through Player Development at Saint Mary's


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This week Saint Mary's Head Coach Randy Bennett called Coach Hawk following Michigan's loss to UCLA in the Elite Eight of March Madness. Randy digs pretty deep into his coaching philosophy and will to compete regardless of circumstances.
He speaks on what he believes are the most important traits of a good player and the impact country of origin has on player personalities. He's had a great connection with Australian players during his entire tenure at Saint Mary's. Coach Hawk puts a welcomed focus on this unique characteristic of the Saint Mary's Men's Basketball program. There is a great exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives about recruiting and developing international players.
Coach Bennett delves into the way Tim Floyd impacted him at a time when Randy was still deciding if he wanted to even become a full-time Coach.
Other topics:
- The importance of a school's administration committing the necessary resources needed to compete at an elite level.
- His commitment to Saint Mary's
- Alumni returning to campus
- Difficulties of a COVID-19 Season
- Metrics
This week's 'Tip-off question' asks about the impact a heckler has on the game. Hawk gives some tips that will surely come in handy for any Players or Coaches listening.

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