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This is an all-new episode of the “Heavy Metal Universe” series, featuring some of the best songs from the golden era of heavy metal, mostly known as the 80s.
Today we’re paying tribute to two of my favorite labels: No Remorse Records and Cult Metal Classics. When you think about labels working to bring back treasures from the past, giving them a proper treatment, you have to think of these two. That’s why I’ll focus between recently released and some of my favorites reissues from both Greek labels.
Special thanks to Chris Papadatos, Andreas Andreou, Manos Koufakis and Kostas Organopoulos for being good friends of the channel.
Paradoxx - Live Free and Die
Randy - Hideaway
Thynn Ice - Victim of the Fall
Viper - Theatre of Fate
Masque - Back With A Vengeance

Slauter Xstroyes - City of Sirtel
Vanguard - H.M. Paradise
Fortress - When Will the Fighting End?
Mesheen - Youth-Enasia
Gargoyle - Into the Darkness

Stormbringer - Vanishing Tower
Tyrant - Hold Back the Lightning
Virgin Steele - Don't Say Goodbye (Tonight)
Q5 - Missing in Action
Hittman - Dead on Arrival

Tony Drozdjek's Witchcraft - Egos Never Die
Jonah Quizz - Hjärtlös Stad
Deaf Dealer - To Hell and Back
Glacier - Devil in Disguise
Blade Runner - The Stealer

Dark Age - Viper
Heavy Load - Bleeding Streets
Chateaux - Burn Out at Dawn
Sortilège - Majesté
ADX - Notre Dame de Paris

Blaspheme - Excalibur
Steel Angel - Judas (Angel or Demon)
Sabotage - Metal Anguish
Whetstone - Invader
Rebellion - Die By the Sword
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