Activity-focused Motor Interventions for Infants and Young Children With Neurological Conditions


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This article presents a model to guide activity-focused motor interventions as a component of early intervention services for physical and occupational therapists working with infants and young children with neurological conditions and other developmental disabilities. Activity-focused interventions involve structured practice and repetition of functional actions, and are directed toward the learning of motor tasks that will increase the child’s participation in daily routines. According to this model, the pediatric physical therapist or occupational therapist, as a member of the intervention team, develops activity-related goals in collaboration with the child’s family. The therapist plans activity-focused interventions by (1) using guidelines based on principles from motor learning and motor development, (2) adapting these guidelines, when necessary, to address the young child’s individual strengths and needs, and (3) integrating impairment-focused interventions with activity-focused interventions, optimally within the context of everyday routines and activities. The elements of this model will be discussed through an example that is applicable to early intervention.

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