How climate education can get us to net-zero: a talk with Lorenzo Fioramonti and Nita Seng


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In the OECD’s PISA survey of 66 countries in 2018, 88% of high-school principals reported that climate change was covered in their school’s curriculum. But it was Italy that was the first country in the world to make climate change coursework mandatory in all public schools. As Italy’s Minister of Education, University and Research in 2019, Lorenzo Fioramonti drove Italy’s climate education reform. Nita Seng is a middle-school math and science teacher in the United States and co-director of Subject to Climate. She gives us the teacher’s point of view on reforming school curricula to integrate climate education. Host: Clara Young, Producer: Taline Shahinian. Learn more about the OECD's Global Teaching Insights work on climate action here:

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