Ep 17: THE 3 some in Chapter 3 from Inside Ruan Willow the 3some adventures of 2 erotica authors & a super hot fan


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Ep 17: The 3some from the Chapter 3 reading of Inside Ruan Willow co-authored by BD Hampton and Ruan Willow, the epically naughty fun story of two writers getting it on in a threesome with a super fan right in the very hotel of a writer's conference. It's an interracial 3some pegging story with forays into hot sex, BDSM, cucking, and oh... the moaning... yes the moaning! Yeah, well, that happens as they push each other to their sexual limits. Be a fly on the hotel room and ride the steamy waves of their sexual tryst. It's so hot!
Listen to Ruan read chapter 3 from the book she co-authored with BD Hampton. If you missed the reading of chapter 1, go back to episode 15 to listen to that before this one, and chapter 2 in episode 16.
This podcast is a fictional reading from the book Inside Ruan Willow by BD Hampton and Ruan Wilow and is a work of fiction for adults only, purely for entertainment purposes. Topics within this podcast are for 18+ and focus on sexuality. The full book is available on Smashwords and Amazon.
Book on Smashwords:
Affiliate link to the book: https://amzn.to/38Qn7Hs

Connect with BD Hampton: https://linktr.ee/BDHamptonbd

Connect with Ruan: https://mailchi.mp/24862e3a8ec9/authorruanwillow
See all of Ruan's links here: https://linktr.ee/RuanWillow
This episode produced by Joe Mendi. Connect with Joe on the ACX website and here: http://twitter.com/JoeMendi69
Hey y'all!
Have a listen and give your sexuality a ride! Sexual health is important! Pay attention to yours and whether you have a partner or not, you can still be sexually healthy by providing yourself with personal intimacy and self-care. That's a nice proper way to say masturbate, laugh out loud!!! Romance your own libido, read this, and have fun!
Have a sexy day!
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