Ep 21: Last installment of Inside Ruan Willow Chapters 7 and 8 The interracial 3some continues with toys and intense interaction


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Ep 21: The last installment of Inside Ruan Willow, Chapters 7 and 8 are read in this episode. The interracial 3some continues with toys and intense interaction... how so? Oral, dildo, pegging, threesome sex, and an intense visit to sub-oh-you-know... oh it's hot! Our three horny lovers take a deep jaunt into the realm of the potential of threesomes by using strap-ons on both sexes...the Domme zone drops in for a visit but ends on a sweet note. Listen to this final installment of the Inside Ruan Willow book one saga. We get hot. We get raunchy. We get satisfied! Two erotica authors and a crazy mad fan...and a hotel room means life gets deliciously naughty, hardcore, and lust flares like the sun. Listen and you will know.

***Listen as Ruan reads chapters 7 and 8 from the book she co-authored with BD Hampton. If you missed the reading of chapter 1, go back to episode 15 to listen to that, chapter 2 in episode 16, and chapter 3 in episode 17, chapter 4 in episode 18, chapter 5 in episode 19, and chapter 6 in episode 20.
This podcast is a fictional reading from the book Inside Ruan Willow by BD Hampton and Ruan Wilow and is a work of fiction for adults only, purely for entertainment purposes. Topics within this podcast are for 18+ and focus on sexuality. The full book is available on Smashwords and Amazon. Audiobook to be published at a later date and will be narrated by Ruan Willow.
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Affiliate links to other books by BD Hampton: The Quiet Chick Series by BD Hampton and Wahida Clark: Don't Mess with the Quiet Chick: Barbie's Adventure
Don't Mess with the Quiet Chick: A Smut-Filled Interracial Erotica XXXX
Connect with BD Hampton and find his other erotica books here: https://linktr.ee/BDHamptonbd
Connect with Ruan: https://mailchi.mp/24862e3a8ec9/authorruanwillow
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Check out Ruan's new novella! The Mardi Gras Unmasking... a Dom/sub reverse harem gentle gangbang adventure where he fulfills her deepest secret desire, one that also happens to be his own. Affiliate link to the book: https://amzn.to/39ghZgf
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