Ep:11 Part 2 of the reading of the excerpt from The Nunnery by Cindi Sinclair and BD Hampton read by Ruan Willow


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Ep:11 Part 2 of the reading of the excerpt from the erotic work of fiction The Nunnery by Cindi Sinclair and BD Hampton, read by Ruan Willow. This is for adults only, 18+. Listen to the continuation of the sexy taboo tale of Bill the priest, Carol the nun, and a man named Don. Feel the intense sexual desire and passion these three characters share as the excitement builds, their intimacy takes the trio to new heights in their sexuality. The sexiness will charge up your fantasy life while tickling your lust before it plunges you all the way in. Be a fly on their wall, be their witness and sink into the firey scorching combination the three of them bring to the hotel room.
Please listen to this fictional reading podcast for relaxation and enjoyment. This erotica short story is full of sex, romance, and love is for the purposes of entertainment and the arts only. The story contains explicit sex scenes.
Find this story, with other similar stories, in a book sold at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1074874

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Hey all!
Thanks for listening to my podcast! I'm excited to share this reading with you. BD Hampton will be my guest doing an author interview on my podcast soon. We have lots of fun!
I hope you have a sexy day.

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