Ep12: 10 Habits of Effective Lovers


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Ep12: 10 Habits of Effective Lovers by erotica author Ruan Willow. For adults only, 18+. Listen as Ruan highlights the 10 habits of effective lovers. Enhance your sexuality, your relationships, and intimacy with these sex tips. Improve your love life by focusing on these top 10 tips of relationship advice. Great ideas for couples who are married or dating, or even friends with benefits, to focus on each other and heighten their enjoyment peaks, to help ensure the best sexual health possible.
This podcast is for entertainment purposes.
Hey, y'all!
Thank you for listening and I hope my tips help you focus on becoming a more effective lover. Please read my erotic short stories at: https://ruanwillowauthor.com/
Have a sexy day!
Love ya,

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