Ep:9 Tracy's Dog Sex Toy Review and Tips


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18+ only. In Episode 9, Ruan does a review of the Tracy's Dog sex toys: the OG and a toy that is shaped like a big pen with a clit sucker on one end and a plastic pen-like finger on the other end. Hear about all the sexy hotness associated with using these toys, the sex tips for enhancing sexuality and romance, improving intimacy for dating couples and married couples in relationships, improving the sexual experience, and how to enjoy these toys. Take care of yourself with self-care ( these toys are ideal for this) or enjoy them with a partner, either way, these toys are amazing, delicious, satisfying, and thoroughly worth purchasing. Ruan gives them both a 10 out of 5 stars.
Listen for tips for enhancing your sexual health and fitness and relationship advice to improve your relations with your partner in the bedroom, in romance and love. For adults only, entertainment purposes only.
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