Audiobook Mixtape 2: Gift Ideas from the Ologists’ Brains


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From crisp cider to blistering lava, life advice, climate solutions, the comforts of venison stew, cockroaches in orbit, UFO culture, social justice, dongs, worms, wasps, fireflies, bear orgies, makeouts, disasters, the deep ruts of the patriarchy, and desperate horny bugs. This second-ever “Audiobook Mixtape” has it all. So if you’re near a fireplace but have no book, or haven’t started holiday shopping (like your dear old Dadward VonPodcast) let this casserole of literary snippets serve as a refresher of favorite episodes, a teaser for ones you haven’t heard or just a gentle nudge toward a bookshop.

Links to these books (& the Ologists’ episodes)

2019’s Audiobook Mixtape 1 episode

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