Teuthological Ludology (ACTUAL SQUID GAMES, NOT THE TV SHOW) with Sarah McAnulty


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This is NOT about the Netflix show, Squid Game. It's about shapeshifting, flirtatious trickery, living fishing lures, siphon squirts, weird things found in shark stomachs, and cephalopods who are downright dicks to fish: real games played in nature by real squid. Because we weren't the only ones watching Squid Game and thinking, "Why aren't there more squid in this?" Hence we combined the study of squids (teuthology) and games (ludology) to make Teuthological Ludology with everyone's favorite squid expert: Dr. Sarah McAnulty from the 2018 Teuthology episode. We reunited on mic for all the deep sea gossip, wrapped in the most shameless pun ever.

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