Master Class: Philosophy of Development and Training


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Welcome to Olympiapodden's skill corner episode 4/22 «Master Class». In this episode, Ola Eriksrud is the guest. He is an associate professor in the section for physical performance at the Norwegian Sports Academy and affiliated with the Olympic center of elite sport in Norway. Ola Eriksrud presents the philosophy of development and training of the department of motor skills and development, at the Olympic center of elite sport in Norway. Ola gives a short presentation about himself and what background he has for his work. Then he goes into the content of the philosophy. What is worth to notice is that this is a result of a teamwork (project) over time, the project has received feedback from other disciplines and subject institutions. There are many who have contributed to the result that Ola Eriksrud presents in this podcast. The program leader is Morten Bråten, head of motor and skills development at the Olympic center of elite sport.

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