Masterclass - Guest Vern Gambetta - 50+ Years Of Coaching – My Reflections And Learning


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Welcome to Olympiapoddens skills corner episode 10/22 «Master Class». In this episode Vern Gambetta is our guest. Vern Gambetta has worked as a coach for over 50 years in variety of different sports (from athletics to baseball and ice hockey) at different levels of performance (from high school to professional and Olympic athletes). This podcast conveys the reflections and the learning that has taken place during a 50+ years coaching career The purpose is to «learn from the best», coaching, and highlight performance development from a coach´s perspective. Hosts are Morten Bråten, head of motor skill department at Olympiatoppen, and Ola Eriksrud, associate professor with the department of physical performance at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, and consulting with Olympiatoppen. Published 7th march 2022 Follow us on social media: * Webpage: * Instagram: * Facebook:

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