Episode 110 - Answering Your Metroid ”Would You Rather” Questions!


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This week, we're answering YOUR fan questions in a "would you rather" format, and we have some absolute doozeys on hand! Would we rather every game play like Federation Force or have dialog like Other M? Would we rather a new Hunters style stand alone game or just have multiplayer included in Prime 4? Would we rather a remake of Metroid Fusion, Zero Mission, or Super? Would we rather Samus always adventure alone or introduce a new companion to the series?

All this and so much more are on the table, and we've got an All Star lineup of guests to help answer! Zelda Dungeon's top speed runner Kathrine Endicott joins the fray, as well as the legendary Kiwi Talkz, who makes his long awaited Omega Metroid debut! Come and let us know what YOU would rather when it comes to some of these questions!

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