A Conscious Conversation And Kirtan With Devadas


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Devadas is a kirtaniya, composer and artist hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He leads kirtans throughout the world and has recorded a wide variety of acclaimed CDs, including his latest releases, 3 Prayers and Radio Nada.
In 2012, Devadas collaborated with indie-rock icon J Mascis to produce and record the film score for the feature documentary One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das.
Devadas produced Nina Rao’s chant album, Antarayaami, and in 2016 launched the Lokah Peace Project, an online and ever-expanding video project aimed at inspiring reflection, empathy and harmony.
“Devadas is one of the most authentic voices in the modern era of sacred mantra chant.”
-Shiva Baum
Head of Music Programming Bhakti Fest / former Head of A&R Triloka Records

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