Episode Two


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Pull on your wellies and join us on a dog walk. Lola and I bring our second episode from Poets Walk in Clevedon where we introduce you to three fascinating characters.

Dorset dairy farmer Jason Barber tells me about his extraordinary, Vodka producing cows. Listen to enter our competition to win some!

Outdoor swim coach Rowan Clarke introduces me to the delights and health benefits of outdoor swimming.

And I chat music, food and nature with Countryfile Magazine Editor and fellow ‘plodcaster’ Fergus Collins.

Get ready to be immersed in wholesome, light-hearted and rural inspired audio.
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Jason Barber Black Cow Vodka

“..we don’t tow an ice-berg down from the arctic, we don’t take water from a bubbling brook or a peaceful wood. Everything in our vodka is made from milk. ”

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Rowan Clarke Outdoor Swim Coach

“’people often have a story and a reason why they’ve come to outdoor swimming and they just need a bit of help and guidance to get them started.”

Instagram @_finsandgoggles_
Facebook rowclarkeoutdoors

Email: row@outdoorswimcoach.com

Fergus Collins Editor Country File Magazine and Podcast

“..there’s a very embarrassing squeal that I make as it [barn owl] brushes past me within six inches of my face.. and it’s nice to capture that.. but I wished I’d managed to keep my composure.”

Twitter @blorengeviews

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