The Ministry of Jesus (1): The Kingdom of God


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Speaker: Brock Bingaman Date: 8/22/2021 About the Series: The Ministry of Jesus When Jesus says to his disciples, "Follow me," our minds often go to following Jesus in the way of the cross, or other aspects of Christian discipleship. These are essential and wonderful. But following Jesus entails looking to him and practicing what he did, including theway he ministered to others, in the power of the Holy Spirit. This series explores what it means to follow Jesus in the way he spoke about and demonstrated the presence of the kingdom of God, the way his life of prayer, deliverance, and healing was rooted in his relationship to theFather, and the way he multiplied himself through discipleship and friendship. About the Speaker: Dr. Brock Bingaman is Lead Pastor and founder and director of All Saints Center for Theology, Spirituality, and Leadership at OLCC. Drawing from over twenty-five years of leadership experience in the academy, church, and business world, he is passionate about equipping the saints. — We are a community of worship and formation on mission with Jesus. Connect with us:

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