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How many things and at what cost do you insure – your car, your health, your pets, your home, your possessions? Is there another better way?

In The Show

Nicola’s moved all the family’s scraps of pensions to SIPPs with Hargreaves Lansdowne, she tells about a young friend who is joining the crew on Virgin’s first ever cruise, and she and sister Sarah are planning a surprise trip to Cambridge to hear their other sister Heather sing on her birthday.

Judith’s little cat, Mitsy, has died although they were both parted a few years ago now due to her nomad living. She’s found her “difficult book” for 2020 and is trying something new too, following up on last week’s show. She’s re-opened coaching group Club 100, experimented with nootropics and felt very brave about living on a farm in the dark, alone, without a mobile signal, with the access road closed and a big Kate Bush wind blowing!

What's Fuelled Their Fire?

It’s screenwriting courses for Nicola and project pain freedom for Judith.

Focus Of The Week

How many things and at what cost do you insure – your car, your health, your pets, your home, your possessions? Is there another better way? Could you assess your own risks individually and make changes to the way you cover them by becoming your own insurer?

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Words Of The Week

Nicola chooses Duty and Judith picks Fear.

Project Updates

Stoupa Life has enjoyed it’s first “stranger” sale.

Who Or What's Impressed

Judith has found a new Facebook Page with lots of lovely inspiring shareable content, called Heart of the Art and seen a nifty little marketing incentive from EatVive.com. Nicola’s found a little gem on Channel 4 called Young Black Farmers.

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