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Nicola has been listening to former mentor Rich Schefren again, and Tracy Goss, and thinking about leadership, creativity, her USP and a cause...

In The Show

Nicola has been in a funk, realising she’s not ready to retire or limit herself only to introvert activities. Judith’s enjoyed a lovely peaceful bank holiday week although her infestation difficulties persist. #LiveStreaming #Restreamio #EcammLive #Streamyard #RichSchefren #DollyParton #Dave #Dollywood #JonRichardson #UKTVPlay

What's Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola is excited by the prospect of streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously using such things as Restream.io or Ecamm Live or Streamyard. A client asked Judith how she would describe herself and her current way of working which turns out to be on point for this week’s Focus too.

Focus Of The Week - Bigger Than Yourself

Nicola has been listening to former mentor Rich Schefren again, and Tracy Goss, and thinking about leadership, creativity, her USP and a cause bigger than herself. She feels inspired to write a new book. She feels she has so much to give and is frustrated that right now she hasn’t been doing enough to speak to a larger audience during lockdown and given the difficulties with Facebook. The restreaming apps and a new book will help her reach a wider audience with what she knows which is of use to many more listeners and readers than she feels she’s been able to reach recently.

Words Of The Week

Judith chooses Solitude and Nicola picks Noise.

Project Updates

Judith reports in on her progress with her study with Jordan Peterson’s audio book 12 Rules for Life (she’s at rule #8), and also his self-authoring online writing program where she’s completed the first module (Past) proving his point that life is tough. Nicola’s handed off the entirety of her Financial Intelligence 101 project to her VA in the Philippines.

Who Or What's Impressed

N and J have discovered the free UKTV Play app this week, Judith because she wanted to watch Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont on Dave. Nicola tells Judith of Dolly Parton’s wonderful work in reducing the school dropout rate in her home town and state, and how she sends books to any child in the world from infancy until they go to school. Both are impressed by these wonderful initiatives.

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