Episode 109 - Panicking With Ashley Brooke Roberts


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We are joined by writer and comedian Ashley Brooke Roberts! We talk to Ashley about using supplements to relieve anxiety, side effects from prescription anxiety drugs, flying anxiety, and much more! We also talk about Steven's and Andrew's anxiety of the week including the anxiety of keeping your exercise routine momentum going and the anxiety of trying to make a guest feel comfortable when they're staying at your house. Check us out on instagram: www.instagram.com/panicattackingpodcast and twitter www.twitter.com/podpanicattack, youtube.com/c/panickattacking for video and bonus content and episodes at patreon.com/panicattacking . Check out Ashley Brooke Roberts on TikTok @ashleybrookerobers and instagram @ashley_brooke_robers, and more info is available on her website https://www.ashleybrookeroberts.com/

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