Nigel Hill: winner of GSER 100 miler


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Welcome to the Peak Endurance podcast! Thank you for joining me today! Episode 182 is an interview with Nigel Hill. I last interviewed Nigel in 2021 when he won DU. Nigel is such a humble, unassuming guy who is also a phenomenal runner. Ron joins me to chat with Nigel about his win at the GSER 100 mile race recently, training leading up to the event, his strategy going into the race and how that panned out, and his view on the wintery weather. I think you’ll really enjoy this one! I love it when people tell me how much they love the podcast! I would love it even more if they went onto Apple Podcasts and gave the show 5 stars and wrote a short review. In that way, they are helping the podcast grow, and don’t you want to help a runner out!!?? I don’t get paid to do this but knowing that it means something to YOU the listener makes me keep plugging away at it. Also, reviews tell Apple podcasts that people are listening and that they should show it to other listeners. In this way, the podcast grows. I just saw the podcast is doing really well in Lebanon. Thank you to everyone from Lebanon who is listening!! The link to Apple podcasts is here. Lots going on with Peak Endurance Coaching. I have my Goal Setting webinar on January 11th, which will help you get your goals and habits set to slingshot you into your best year yet! Then starting on the 15th January I have my new 28-Day stretching and mobilisation challenge. This will be a cracker. Twice weekly live online stretching and mobility classes (that will be recorded for you to do again!), as well as daily stretching poses means this one is great value for money at only $85 and streamlined for 2023 now is your chance. Then my mindfulness challenge is now a start any time program that you get now! Weekly videos and daily prompts get you turning the mindfulness practice into a daily habit. Go to the website to find out more about all of these! Don’t forget to please support my sponsors: Health and High Performance to keep those niggles and bay and get you back running healthy and strong and the best chocolate out there as it not only tastes good but it’s good for you! Peak Chocolate! Go to to get 15% off some yummy chocolate that is actually good for you. I am loving their NEW milk chocolate mix, it is absolutely divine, really gives me my chocolate hit without the guilt! Enjoy this interview with Nigel

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