E42. "People Used To Die Every Day" - Is sleep a waste of time?


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STORY SUMMARY: Peter finds out his partner Samir has been sneaking around behind his back to “try out dreaming.” According to Samir, he likes the way sleeping, and dreaming, makes him feel. And besides, he argues, it doesn’t do any harm; his work will never find out. Peter decides to break the law in support of their relationship and to stop taking the drug that makes sleep and dreams unnecessary, in order to better understand his partner. However, after one try Peter decides he doesn’t like the feeling of losing control and that sleep isn’t for him.

DISCUSSION: The main question of the story is, are biological functions a necessary evil to be gotten rid of by science and, is sleeping one of those biological functions? Are cutting your nails, and going to the bathroom things we gain value from, or simple biological acts to be removed if possible? Does sleep service a purpose or is it just a biological act? If the ability to go without sleep was available, wouldn’t it eventually become necessary to stay competitive in a workplace? We all agree the government should not make sleeping illegal, but if given the chance, many of the group would do away with sleep for the extra time it provides. Would you be willing to do something illegal that your partner was doing, as in the story? What if the illegal thing went against your own values, would you still do it if your partner was? Is there a minimum age whereby you should not be allowed to made to go without sleep?

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