Photo Geek Weekly Episode 149 – Recognizable Patterns


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On this episode of Photo Geek Weekly, Allan Attridge joins to discuss copyright infringement in video games, the juggernauts from Canon and Nikon, inexpensive (and hopefully good) lenses, as well as the latest and future from Apple. All this and more! And if the audio sounds a little muffled, the primary recording had issues and a back-up was needed. Sorry about that, but thanks for listening! Story 1: Photographer Sues Capcom for $12M for Using Her Photos in Video Games (via PetaPixel) Story 2: Canon EOS R3 will shoot 30 fps Raw bursts, with oversampled 4K and 8-stop IS (via DPReview) Related: Nikon: Team Developing the Z9 Understands its Grand Expectations (via PetaPixel) Story 3: 7artisans releases three new budget-friendly primes, including a fisheye and macro lens (via DPReview) Related: LAOWA 4mm F2.8 Fisheye now available as native L-mount version (via Story 4: Report: Apple expected to use sensor-shift image stabilization units in all of its next-generation iPhone models (via DPReview) Related: iFixit gives the new 24" M1 iMac a proper teardown treatment with a 2/10 repairability score (via DPReview) Picks of the Week: Don: Montreal Printing "Elite" business cards Allan: Band of Brothers (miniseries) Connect with Our Hosts & Guests

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