Photo Geek Weekly Episode 155 – Skills for the Future


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On this episode of Photo Geek Weekly, Allan Attridge joins the show to discuss how to grow your skills as a photographer, a new backup and digital asset manager from SmugMug, and how we would like a film-to-digital conversion take place. It's always great to have Allan on the show, especially since we both just dodged some natural disasters recently. Enjoy the conversation! Story 1: Canon Futures: Canon Canada is bringing together a team of industry-leading creatives to be your mentors to help you launch your creative career. (via Canon Futures) Story 2: SmugMug Source is a new, AI-powered Raw file management service from SmugMug (via DPReview) Story 3: Seven Skills to Help You Improve Your Photography (via fstoppers) Story 4: Video: 3D printed film canister and Raspberry Pi camera can turn an old film camera into a digital camera (via DPReview) Picks of the Week: Don: TRENDnet TUC-ET5G 5 gigabit ethernet USB-C adapter Allan: GoPro HERO8 Black Connect with Our Hosts & Guests

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