Spat2la (LIVEish with Podzooky!)


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Join your PMT hosts and the Hollywood Kaiju Badboys from Podzooky (a kaiju film podcast you really should check out!) for the pitch and reading from our Halloween livestream event for Spat2la, a sequel to our horror series The Spatula! In this gore-fest of a sequel, Wendy/Christine, ten years after learning she was the daughter of murderous fry cook Pat, has her sights set on taking over the family business…and expanding the operation. After moving to the small town of Gettyville, Wendy opens up a brand new Pat's Patties and promises to use only the freshest ingredients (humans). Wendy’s new place becomes a town favorite, till three local burger joint owners band together to challenge her to a Burger Cook-off Competition in the town park to see who has the best burger once and for all…unless Wendy decides it’s time for a hostile takeover. Poster by Andreas Aristides

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